• Lessee must pay all Marina fees by the last Saturday in November in person or by making arrangements with the Marina/Pier Chairperson
  • Lessee must be a member and must have been assigned a permanent slip.
  • Lessee must have paid auxiliary dues for the following year (be current on dues).
  • Provide proof of a passed VSC inspection during the current year or be a current It is highly recommended to have the VSC completed within two weeks of placing the vessel into the marina.
  • Lessee must submit proof of ownership unless waived due to selling vessel.
  • Lessee must have vessel insured during the contract period and must provide proof of insurance upon slip The vessel insurance must be in the name of the lessee.
  • Lessee must submit proof of work hours unless aged 67 or older on contract renewal day and has been a member of Flotilla 65 for at least 10 years or are collecting disability benefits under such programs as Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Federal, State or Municipal disability programs, or a private disability program and show proof, or have been granted an exception to the work hour provision by the BOD.
    • Qualifying work hours is work performed for ARSBC, without compensation, such as: Assisting with floats in or out, building and grounds upkeep, club cleaning, bar tending, working at entertainment parties, elected and appointed ARSBC officers/chairpersons, and Coast Guard Auxiliary mission hours.
    • The Marina/Pier Chairperson will issue a work card at the time of slip contract If a lessee is not given a work card, it is the responsibility of the lessee to obtain a work card from the Marina/Pier Chairperson.
    • Any Lessee not attaining the full work hours will be assessed the $50.00 per hour fee for each hour under the required hours. This fee will be added to the slip contract fee and must be paid before the slip contract is renewed.